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Education doesn’t always have a strong relationship with community but sustainability demands engagement of education.


“Sustainability education is an immersive pathway to a preferred future, one on which faculty, staff, students and community partners can co-develop knowledge and skills in transdisciplinary fields. Through learning and sharing, this community engenders self-empowerment and positive change among its members, but also beyond.”

“Community engagement then is a form of service that activates knowledge towards solving challenges in society; the ultimate challenge being sustaining ourselves without negatively impacting the natural world.”


– Rob VanWynsberghe

My goal in publishing is to share my ideas more broadly, receive feedback, and engage in an exchange of ideas. Writing helps to articulate these ideas, and I see it as a personal method of inquiry. My publications are in the areas of sustainability education and sport mega-events. I have published in the top urban-studies journals in my field, the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research and City, and the Canadian Journal of Education. My new book, Adaptive Education: An Inquiry-Based Institution (University of Toronto Press), will be released in 2016.


“Thou shalt not… commit a social science.”

– Wystan Hugh Auden, Under which lyre: A reactionary tract for the times (1947)

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